About Maha Flow

Mollia, Maha FlowHi, I’m Mollia and I am a long time lover of dance and creator of Maha Flow.

At 5 I ran around the yard in my grandmother’s polyester nightgown with a scarf flowing behind as I played “Isadora.” At 13, as captain of the cheer-leading squad, it was my job to choreograph the pom pom routines for the pep rally. I made artful pom pom experiences to the likes of Def Leppard and Ozzy.

At 17 I discovered Modern Dance and asked all the cheerleaders if they might like to try something different. This time, the school gym saw bare feet, black leotards and new wave music.

At 18 I was off to Bennington College to study where many of Modern Dance’s pioneers created. At 19 I was in NY, studying at the Martha Graham School of Dance.

I then spent the next 10 years in the theatre, living the life of the stage. I found love, marriage and children. I studied Waldorf Education and became a teacher for a short while. Then, right when I most needed it, I discovered Nia and all it has to offer. I taught Nia for five years. As my relationship to conscious dance deepened I found the work of Soul Motion. After 2 years of intensive study I am a certified Soul Motion Teacher. Long live the journey!